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I'm Not Here Tonight - New Single

Written out of frustration, I’m Not Here Tonight (2020) highlights the issue of battling with dissociation and passiveness that is shown towards social justice issues. This fixed media work uses vocals, double bass, effect processing, and the C.A.E. Heavy Hitter drum machine created using vocal percussive sounds.


April 21st
The Modification of Oneself  - Premier
Artist Diploma Recital  
Wilde Auditorium, The Hartt School

April 29th & 30th
Cyrano de Bergerac  
A Canterbury School Production

Maguire Auditorium, Canterbury School

27 - For Vocals and Live Processing

27 (2022) Juxtaposing the idea of what 21st century femininity represents in an idealized world, 27 for vocals and live processing, questions the societal construct that you cannot successfully follow your profession and be a matriarch without giving up your individuality and self. In this work vocals are processed and triggered live utilizing reverb, delay, and overdrive. Pre-recorded text ran through echo delay and pitch shifters represent constant enforcement from a society that values gender normative roles and stereotypes over personal comfortability.

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